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Did you know Sanskrit was the first Pop Music ?

“It’s Sanskrit Pop Music! Did you know Sanskrit was the first Pop Music?!” Bob Thurman, author, teacher and father of my beloved friend Dechen, once said to me, referring to the songs I’d just played for him. “Sanskrit is meant to be sung!”

If you think Sanskrit is not your ancestral language, think again. Sanskrit is the parent language to all Pan-Indo European languages and so basically, first there was no language, and then there was Sanskrit. It was a gift to the world from the Divine and the early Sanskrit writers knew that. Each symbol is designed to represent an aspect of the Divine light that stands in all of us, not just symbolically but also vibrationally. Sanskrit is an “invocational” language, which means the word is the form. By saying the word we “invoke” it to exist. The vibration of the sound isn’t just referencing the Divine. It IS the Divine. So if we sing the words for the Divine, in Sanskrit, we create the Divine around us. First there was the Word and the Word was God.

After teaching thousands of yoga classes at Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City and beginning each class with a Sanskrit chant, I have learned one thing to be universally true. People like to sing. When we sing, we’re usually not angry (well, Johnny Rotten was probably angry). When we sing we can’t be worrying. The whirling fluctuations of our mind, the chitta vritti in Sanskrit, have to stop. Singing makes us feel good. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you may be surprised to know that hundreds of people in New York City, fresh from a busy day’s work doing all kinds of things, come and sing with a group of strangers. I have heard many students come to me and say how much they love it, that while at first they were wary and worried they ‘d sing badly, they now look forward to it in every class. I say everyone is designed to sing. We all sang in Kindergarten, and when we did we became a pure channel for receiving and transmitting the light of the world. Try to remember what a group of sincere five year -olds singing sounds like. And then know that’s what God hears when he listens to you.

If Sanskrit, like Dr. Thurman says, “was the first Pop Music”, then Krishna was the first Rock Star. Krishna played the flute so beautifully it mesmerized the Gopis (sounds like “groupie” to me!), the young girls who milked the cows. They would drop their milk pails in the dirt and go to Krishna, bathed in divine bliss. It is said that Krishna plays a special song for each and every one of us to call us home to the Lord.

I’m not Indian. I like Rock and Roll. I don’t get as excited to hear the harmonium as I do 4/4 time. The special song that Krishna plays for me sounds like Keith Richard’s guitar. Most especially, the opening riff to ‘Beast of Burden”. It never fails to wash me with bliss. We all have music that calls us, elevates us above the mundane and makes our hearts burst with love. I’m usually called by Keith’s kind of groove.

You would think that makes it a bit awkward to spend time with him in real life, but it doesn’t. He once said to me, years ago when I was more likely to be playing at CBGB than yoga class, “You know Kelly, there’s only one song, and that was the first song and it was written by Adam and Evil. I don’t write songs, I just receive and transmit.”

If its all the same song and Adam and Eve were the first people with language, they probably spoke Sanskrit. So sing your ancestral language, maybe in the way I have received and transmitted the melodies to you, maybe a bit more traditionally. But whatever you do, don’t forget to sing, any way and any language you want. Sound creates form, and when you stop worrying and sing you add positive forms and peace to the world. It has been scientifically proven that the delicate sound of a butterfly flapping its wings affects the stratosphere on the other side of the world. Imagine what happens when you sing loud and strong with a heart full of love. Just like in Kindergarten.


Kelly Britton



Now treat your soul with this beautiful rendition of the Refuge Mantra and sing along

Workshop and Dinner

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 4.28.25 PM


That’s it!

The end of 2014 is approaching and we will be teaching our last workshop before spring.

This Friday 28th of November from 18:30 till 20:30 at Insens


Will take you through the focus of the month with heaps of love

and lots of care:


Dinner will follow at Helveg.

Should you join us for the workshop, do book your spot!*

The room is cosy and limited in numbers.

Also drop us an email if you are joining us for dinner:

Peace, Love, Greens and more Love


*Because we can only accept a limited number of participants, please note that your booking is firm and you will be billed for last minute cancelations. Thank you for your understanding.

Cowspiracy screening in Geneva

Helveg Café Vegan Restaurant & Boutique is hosting a free screening of the documentary Cowspiracy.


The place is pretty cosy, so places are limited.We highly recommend booking your spot early. (Tel 022 347 15 15 / Email

It will be Jeanine’s Birthday dinner also ( she’ll be on a 24 hour celebration starting on December 11th, teaching special yoga classes  and ending the party in style at Helveg).

See you there!

love, more love, and veggies.



Positive Change

« The ecological devastation of our planet can be traced to a single cause: raising animals for food. So if we stop participating in that animal agribusiness, we stop participating in the devastation of our environment on planet Earth » – Sharon Gannon


We recently watched cowspiracy in the comfort of our home. Here is Marc (not a vegetarian) ’s message about it:

«  This is the most important, the most relevant and the most politically charged documentary film of our times. Everyone should watch it. Don’t wait »

Thank you for daring to care,


Samsara Davanala Lidha Loka



It’s Sunday, autumn and I am feeling lazy. I swung my practice nearer to noon than morning, had chocolate just after squeezing a lemon……. Oh BOY! I am a total chocolate junkie right now. I’ve been having chocolate before practice for the last couple of weeks, searching for a kick to uplift me throughout it.

In this season the body slows down just as nature goes into some kind of sleep. Trees retract their sap and all nature turns into an explosion of orange, red, rusty colours. I love the sight of it, a little less the chestnuts on the ground as I swish through parks with my bike….

As cold weather arrives, do you also feel like comfort food and sleep? What are you craving for? Rich soups and fried potatoes, chestnuts and pumpkins have been on my menu a lot. I tried making pumpkin soup with apples and safran instead of the classical coconut cream, curry… trust me, the alternative was so good!

Because today is quite chilly, I felt so happy to have taken the decision to not leave the house. Played some of my favourite records, listened to a dozen to times to “Entendre la forêt qui pousse” (hearing the forest grow, very seasonal) from Chapelier le fou.  And, after my initial sugar fix, fruits followed a deep core floor practice then I suddenly got so excited at the idea of making my favourite pancakes, simple joys of cooking really uplift my mood.

The recipe I enjoy comes from the Post Punk kitchen blog, Isa is such an inspiration for turning the traditional unhealthy soul food into more ethical and wholesome dishes. These puffy pillow pancake’s will satisfy any serious comfort craving for the authentic american crepe!

I used egg replacer instead of the ground flax seeds and only incorporated one spoon of sugar since I pour more than enough maple syrup of them, also not being a vanilla fan, skipped that. Enjoy!


1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt

1 cup almond milk (or soy milk)
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon ground flax seeds
1/2 cup water
3 tablespoons canola oil
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Peace, love and sugar*


An Ashtanga Workshop

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.21.13 PM

If you are in town this weekend and haven’t yet made plans…. we have one for you!

Laruga Glaser is in Geneva, lucky we are to have her visit. Laruga teaches internationally and is most of the time on the road, her practice is outstanding and the lady shines from inside out! She is authorised by Sharath Jois, the Mysore Ashtanga Institute “Level II”

Friday 31st of Oct at INSENS 18:00-20:00 60chf

Saturday 1st of Nov at Soluna 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 130chf

Sunday 2nd of November at Soluna 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 130chf


For more details about the schedule, check the Babayoga’s website on the news page.

I hope to see you there!

Please sign up:

Hari OM



Jeanine - Azahar Yogathon_000001

«  My spiritual sister, Yogeswari, works tirelessly, has created Azahar foundation, and teachers yoga in all corners of the world, wherever terrible things are happening specifically as a result of war. She’s totally unafraid, and such an inspiration! She carries a library of book and a harmonium everywhere she travels (…) All the good flowing out of yoga centers encourages us to care. We want to care, but sometimes we forget, and so all these place are reminding us: Remember?

The goodness in the world conducts itself through these individual people and their communities. Goodness uses the people who are willing to be instruments of goodness.They live and they work in collaboration. There’s nothing egoistic about these individuals. It’s goodness, and goodness is eternal. It never dies. » ~  Ruth Lauer-Manenti, Sweeping the dust

We are all witnessing the power of Yoga every day and Azahar Foundation’s mission is to bring this wonderful tool to many more people, in particular to disadvantaged youth in the developing world and in post-conflict settings.


On Saturday, November 15th, in the spirit of World Peace, we hope to unite yogis across the world to practice one class.

Brigitte De Picciotto is generously hosting the Yogathon .

In 2015, Azahar Foundation is stretching its activities to Rwanda. It is my great joy and a special honor to teach a jivamukti yoga class in support of this exciting new project.

Join us and be part of the Global AZAHAR YOGATHON Community.

OM Shantih,


Serene Intelligence, October Focus of the Month

October, 2014

Serene Intelligence


Mayy eva mana adhatsva / mayi buddhim nivesaya /
nivasisyasi mayy eva / ata urdhvam na samsayah
Keep your mind on me alone, your intellect on me; thus you will dwell in me from now on.

Bhagavad Gita XII.8

In this age of struggle, known as the Kali Yuga, it can be very difficult to maintain a serene mind. Conflict between nations, conflict at work, conflict with enemies, conflict with friends, conflict at home, and even conflict within oneself can disturb one’s mind and destroy one’s happiness. It is common to be suspicious of someone who is happy and calm, thinking they must be ignorant, uneducated, living in a bubble or even mentally ill, and that to be an intelligent, caring human being one must be disturbed and filled with anxiety, and further that if you seek solace in spiritual practices you are an escapist living in denial and burying your head in the sand.

Buddhim or buddhi means “intelligence.” The highest and most important aspect of the intellect is its ability to grasp and understand the truth. Many people focus their minds on relative truth, that which is bound by the transient comings and goings of temporary existence, while the spiritual practitioner aims to comprehend or dwell in absolute truth. Absolute truth is knowledge of the supreme Self or God. Krishna in this verse from the Gita tells Arjuna that if he is able to focus his intelligence on Him, on God, then without a doubt (samsayah), he will gain access to the heart of God. God is Love. God is Great. With great love all is possible. To know God is to love God, and this is the yogi’s purpose. To realize that purpose one must devote their whole being to that aim. As Patanjali advises, Ishwara pranidhanad va (PYS 1.23), and for those who do, success will be guaranteed absolutely (va).

Chitta means the “content of the mind”—the mind’s intelligence—and prasad means “blessed.” A blessed mind is a serene mind. Because so much of the anxiety we experience seems to us to be caused by other people—they make us mad, they act in deceitful ways, they are unfair, they are unkind, and on and on—Patanjali tells us in chapter 1.33 of the Yoga Sutra that chitta prasadanam, or serenity, is our mind’s innate state. Hey, that’s good news! We should have faith in that truth and do all we can to protect that blessed condition from defilement. Patanjali gives some advice as to how to accomplish that: be happy for those who are happy, compassionate for those who are unhappy, delighted for those
who are virtuous and indifferent to those who are wicked. If we choose to ignore this advice, we will become entrenched in our own negative emotions and be unable to remember God or devote ourselves to His service. Our intelligence will be consumed by anxiety, and we will be unable to enjoy anything in this world or in any other.

Finding fault with others is a sure way to disturb your mind and destroy your intelligence. When judgment of others arises, strive to let it go. Let God take care of things. If you remember that He is the supreme doer, you will be able to surrender and let go of your ego’s tendency to try to control the outcome of a situation. Your job is to protect the serenity of your mind. As my teacher Shri Brahmananda would say, “mind, your own business!” Follow the dictates of the yamas and relate to others with kindness, truthfulness, caring, respect and generosity. Rid your mind of the diseases of pride, envy, anger, laziness, lust, greed and gluttony. No one is saying that this is an easy task and that we can accomplish this alone, so to provide help in times of need we would be wise to contemplate the practical suggestions given to us by holy beings and do our best to put them into practice. Help is available in the form of satsang, and satsang can appear in the form of holy teachings written by holy beings, like the Bhagavad Gita, and the Yoga Sutra as well as contemporary teachers, like Shyamdas.

Another meaning of intelligence that I found in the dictionary is “secret information.” I think Shyamdas thought of intelligence like this when he spoke about the importance of protecting the most secret information, your devotional bhav: “The age of struggle has arrived and can destroy everyone’s intelligence. Be careful! This Kali Yuga can swindle you, so secure your devotional mind, guarding it like you would a precious jewel. Safeguard your bhava.” (Shiksha Patra 29.1, translated by Shyamdas and Vallabhdas). The Path of Grace outlines practical means to protect one’s chitta prasadanam: only eat prasad, food that has first been offered to God, and even water should be offered before drinking; keep good association (satsang); listen to accounts of Shri Krishna’s lilas; sing His praises and always chant the refuge mantra, Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama.

As you can see, there are many sources of holy advice. It seems like if we were able to incorporate at least some of these precious jewels offered by blessed beings into our daily lives, we could experience a little serenity during these difficult times. I certainly hope so!

—Sharon Gannon

Yogis… too serious?




A Cook





& J



A party!





Dress code:

Hilarious, over the top, too bright, ridiculous, hippysh!!!!

From 18:30 till 21 come and have fun.

We will chant, laugh and dance,

Om, meditate, sweat….

Milène will play live, create the Bhav

As we will move you through our brisk tailor made hideous Jivamukti Practice,


Kwai will soothe your hunger and quench your thirst

Green veg shots and finger food is on the menu

At Soluna’s pop up Mocktail Bar after class.

We will freshly make our favourite juice and Mu-Food will bake for us:
Rice, tofu and Mushroom balls
Red seasonal hummus
Brick patatos and pea wraps with mint sauce
Millet and parsley tabouleh

Please kindly remember to bring change,

50chf for class

25chf for food and drink.


Be there or be square!


The largest climate march in History

September 21st, the largest march in history took place in NYC and many other cities around the globe.


Our friends from the Jivamukti Yoga School of NYC were there of course,


our friends from PETA, the incredible team of Cowspiracy

Jivamukti Yogis

and many other vegan friends … walking the walk, and most importantly walking the talk.


With 7 billion people on the planet and 70 billion animals used for food, animal agriculture is number 1 cause of 51% all greenhouse gasses.


The most simple, cheapest and most efficient way to slow (or even reverse climate change) is at the end your fork : GO VEGAN.

Wanna read from The Cookie Devi (she attended the March)? Here you are !

More facts?

Thank you for daring to care!


Yoga For Charity

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 6.56.22 PM

In our prayers, we often ask for what we wish for.

The health we lost,

The departed love,

The wealth we don’t have…..

We frequently forget gratitude.

When ever you start wishing for something, 

Flip that thought over and be thankful for what you have presently.

And why not give,

With no expectation in return, just knowing your gesture will do some good.

If you feel like giving a great amount or just the few coins you can afford, that you like sweating during a yoga class, come and support me taking a vinyasa flow class, moreover, support children and women in need in India. Friday 19th of September at INSENS, from 18:30 till 20:00. No need to be a member, the space and class is open to all. Brigitte De Picciotto has generously provided the space for the class to happen, I will happily spend that time with you.

Every little helps so I hope to see you there!

Unity is strengthcome together.

Hari Om,

With love,


Prasad at the Geneva Yoga and Music Festival

Following my teacher – Sharon Gannon – ‘s instructions, I am getting ready to prepare the prasad.
The recipe is simple… it is a simple recipe for joy.

Please spread the word to all the yogis at the Geneva Yoga and Music Festival : Prasad will be served tomorrow after the Jivamukti Yoga class (10.15 am – 12; Ecole des Pâquis)


Hari OM!


Raw Green Soup

Greetings to you all,

Presently in our office, which is Janine’s kitchen, I am trying to get started with the sequencing for our class for the yoga festival and my beloved sister is making food for the soul, this raw green soup from Sharonji’s cookbook “Simple Recipe’s for Joy“.


It seems like we can’t help ourselves mixing greens with wisdom as working….



Peace, Love and Green Soup*

Look Inside

Festival Time

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.45.57 PM

Some festivals require wellington boots…. we go bare foot.

Some festivals advise a hat…. we take a mat.

Some festivals provide alcohol…. we do kombucha.

Some festival finish really late…. we start when you go to bed.

Some festivals feed you with fast food…. we eat slow wholeheartedly cooked vegetarian food.

So come and fill yourself with love and joy…..because we are going!!!!


J&J are concocting with a little bit of everything and heaps of love their next Jivamukti Workshop

“The Magic of Cooking” is the focus:

A dash of Dharma talk

An ounce of meditation

A spoonful of chanting

108 pounds of Vinyasa Flow

All this will be finely baked in the

“Ecole Pâquis Centre”

Sunday the 14th of September from 10:15 am till 12:00

Hari OM



Geneva Yoga and Music Festival

Come and have fun, join, gather, share the love. Our dear Daniji has struck again!  If you’re in town or around….drop in and take a yoga spin!

Geneva Yoga and Music Festival, from the 10th till the 14th of September 2014

Something is cooking ….


Beloved students, dear readers,

Summer never reached Geneva and is already drifting away, however the sun never leaves our hearts.

Everybody is going back to their schedule and we are still juggling with ours : frantic conversations, extensive reading, ad hoc typing, tea drinking, brainstorming, head scratching, taking notes, losing the taken notes, starting all over again, questioning and changing our minds often ….

Something is cooking here… stay tuned!

What’s cooking in your kitchen?


Peace, love and greens,

Hari OM!





May his soul rest in peace.


TTC With Manjuji

Welcome to the Shala of the Lovely Kristina Karitinou

If one day you are passing by Crete, she is more than worth a visit!

Thank you for hosting us and for the generosity of your teachings!














Manjuji, you are so wise and so friendly,

thank you for continuously sharing the knowledge of the tradition*


“I don’t do cheese at home.” -…….

“I am looking for my Moola Bandha.” -Barbara

“If I didn’t do yoga I would be on valium now!” -Pauline

“I’m the kind of skip savasana person.” -Tanya

“Where should I feel the pain now?” -Manouri



Yoga Aligning to the Source

Yoga Practice

On your tip toes creep in

With great care, walk through the Shala

Avoid the gracefully strong legs and arms in motion

Mind to not step on the fellow practitioner’s mats

Unroll yours as carefully as possible, soundlessly

Find stillness in Samastitihi


Hands in Anjali Mudra, bow and pray, invoke

Raise your prayer and gaze

Inhale, exhale

Inhale, exhale……





Crickets, cucumbers, hot nights, crystal clear water, white, blue, turquoise, wild nature, creamy avocados, dill in outrageous quantities, more cucumbers, sun, tones of sun, laughs, cats, dozens of cats, practice, practice, again practice, share, talk, enjoy, swim, little sleep, many naps and start all over again!

The life is simple here, no cell phone, hardly no clothes, warmth and kindness is all you need and what you get on this fantastic island of Greek Gods, Crete. For the last couple of weeks, the few items I possessed to cook are one pan, a knife and a cup. I very much appreciate coming back to simplicity, no juicer, no oven, no blender…. it is all considerably raw and plain, but so tasty, just the essential.

I have ran into the cutest organic store ever, it doesn’t provide much, but again, I am right now very appreciative of the lack of choice. It makes everything so much more special!


All here is absolutely sun kissed! The sea, the scenery, the people and no need to mention the fruits and veggies. So grab a few greens, add your favourite “fava” as the locals would say,  a touch of red, then squeeze some lemon, drizzle this taste explosion with the most exquisite olive oil and do not forget the heaps of fresh herbs! Enjoy*


On The Mat


From anger, strength arises

From sadness, softness

From tiredness, energy

From anxiety, serenity

From fear, confidence

From unrootedness, stability

From perplexity, clarity

From happiness, delight

Every day one has to compose with their feelings or emotions as hitting the mat. Twelve years down the road of asana practice I am still fascinated, if used in an appropriate way, how asana can shift for the best one’s mood.

My moods don’t swing as much as when I was younger and hadn’t yet discovered this beautiful tool of yoga, but I still have my ups and downs, my good and bad days, sad times…. Something happened the other day, and after the initial shock, the next daybreak I became pretty cross. I took my emotion, addressed it in order to not get overwhelmed by it and used it.

I ripped my mat that morning with my anger, until it cooled off and it did. My practice was simply fantastic, savasana still and blissful. I was amazed, once again in the shift of my mood. Rage and anger can be pretty destructive feelings, by if used positively one can benefit of huge amount of physical and mental strength, followed by release and maybe interesting achievements.

Look, observe, breath throurgh it and use it, what ever is going on. You can be victim of your emotions or overcome them by feeling them, welcoming them, embracing them, talking to them but don’t hold on to them! It takes a little experience to be able to observe and compose with it, but not that much… again, awareness is the key word. So flip that switch on and be the observer.

Enhance the beautiful also, learn to have fun during practice, smile and even laugh. Float through postures if ease is on the menu today. Find buoyancy and steadiness effortlessly using your positive mindset. Anything can grow in any way, a little will power and you’ll do wonders.

My mat is my shrink, my therapy, my friend, my consoler. Asana my salvation, my refuge. If badly started, my practice will get me through the day, if I got up with a big bright smile, which is most days, post mat time I hopscotch to my bike which I’ll ride to the class I am happily going to teach.

So hit the mat,  play one of your favourite tunes and have a blissful day*

IMG_9063 Love, JO

Holy Days!


An urban setting,


A few Kind Souls,


Tons of laughter,


A touch of knowledge,


Heaps of will,


Many bold Colours,


One great vegan chef,


Some food for the soul,


 A patchwork of patterns,


Big Bright Smiles….


 The perfect blend for a marvellous evening*








Enlighten Up

This guy made me crack up at times!


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.59.33 PM


To See




Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.00.27 PM

Ashtanga Rocks!

Simple Recipes For Joy

Have you ever been to the Jivamuktea Cafe in NYC?…. if you had you would remember….mouth watering and energy packed savoury meals, scrumptious deserts and more than juicy juices.  Jeanine and I love remembering the pleasure of savouring the dishes of the cafe and try to replicate them but a “je ne sais quoi” is sometimes lacking. YAY!!! It sounds like some of their famous recipes will be in Sharon Gannon’s new cookbook, we can’t wait to lay our hands on it.

Peace, love and green beans,




Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 12.23.10 AM



Despite all our religions, all of our twelve-step programs, all of our self-help books, our technology—I find it interesting that there is moral consideration given to some expressions of life and not for others…. And it reminds me of a quote from Leo Tolstoy, who said something to that effect: he said that as long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields. And I think that’s what he meant: as long as there’s an attitude of apathy toward a certain group, it will mirror itself in humanity – Shaun Monson




To practice asana means to practice perfecting one’s relationships with all aspects of the Earth and all beings that inhabit the Earth. ~ Sharon Gannon and David Life


The Gayatri Mantra Made Visible

by Deva Premal & Miten



We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds. We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Serenity is contagious. If we smile at someone, he or she will smile back. And a smile costs nothing. We should plague everyone with joy. If we are to die in a minute, why not die happily, laughing? ~ Swami Satchidananda

WORKSHOP: Union Through Others – JUNE 20TH





The crew is growing bigger…

We’re looking forward an enlightening Satsang with you!

Are you ready?

How we treat others determines how others treat us; how others treat us determines how we see ourselves; and how we see ourselves determines who we are. – Sharon Gannon


« Leather isn’t a byproduct…

… it is the most important co-product of the meat industry » – Stella McCartney

More information about leather tanning, which is highly toxic to humans, to groundwater and to the environment


«  If we are buying and eating meat and dairy products, then the slaughterhouse workers, meat packers, and factory farm workers are all working for us. To live by violence and then to deny that you do is to live a lie. Living a lie causes a deep fissure in the human psyche. Yoga seeks to heal that fissure »  – Sharon Gannon

We don’t have to contribute to this brutal industry.

In a coming blog post, I’ll share my tips on where to find fashionable and cruelty-free shoes & bags (of course, at affordable prices) … Stay tuned!

Thank you for daring to care,





Blog Crush


Swinging practices on wooden decks by the river, swimming in the river, no more tones of clothes to wash and dry, eating plenty of juicy local fruits and hanging out-doors with friends…. what more can you wish for?

I hope you are all enjoying lovely weather wherever you are.

Summer is a time for light food, popsicles, salads, raw food and more. I am sure you all have lovely recipes… what is your favourite summer dish?

Always searching for new ideas, I stumbled across The Green Kitchen Stories, it is such an inviting and inspiring blog.  David and Luise even made really attractive short videos with their recipes. Though the blog is vegetarian but not all vegan, it is really easy to replace the ingredients with plant based ones, they also advise you for alternative and seem to avoid altogether gluten, BRILLIANT!

When it comes to baking, you have several options to avoid the eggs and Isa from the Post Punk Kitchen has lovingly laid it all out for you…. no excuse!!!

It is much, much more simple than one can imagine to replace all animal based products by plant based ones. I remember before being fully vegan over 20 years ago and struggling with finding good green recipes in Switzerland (nope, no internet at that time), buying regular cook books and just using tofu, tempeh or seitan to substitute the animal products. I do the same today with my old vegetarian cook books and just use soy yogurt, nut creams or egg replacer depending on what I have to exchange. Why not try out your favourite dish and turn it into a mindful plate….. be creative!

Ok, I have to dash….. I just watched this video, I have all the ingredients in the house and I cannot resist one minute more the temptation of this mousse…. Yes, that is my favourite dessert.

Love and sunshine to all*


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.47.16 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.47.28 PM


VEGAN, le livre en français.

Un petit billet en français… pour un vrai coup de coeur!

Hier soir, je lisais mon Elle (oui je lis Elle) et voilà qu’Elle suggère une liste de « green blogs » dont celui de Marie Laforêt (que je ne connaissais pas… shame on me)

La cerise sur le gâteau est son livre, VEGAN, tout juste sorti.
Les photos vont vous faire saliver.

Et le blog… 100% vegetal est fait pour le bonheur des yeux et des papilles.

Peace, love and vegan treats!

Jeanine ( qui sautille de bonheur)

Cashew cream

Dear readers,

I am nut for nuts ( all sorts of them) and I keep wondering how my life was before the vitamix.

I make daily smoothies,  vegetal milks and this delicious cashew cream. The original recipe is from one of my favorite websites – I make it almost every week.

  • 1 cup raw cashews ( I soak them overnight, the original recipe says 4 hours)
  • One organic lemon ( for a sour twist)
  • Optional: himalayan salt, spices i.e. curry and cayenne pepper


Drain cashews and cover with liquid (cold water and lemon juice) and blend until smooth.
Use less water for a thicker cashew cream. Store in a jar (in the fridge for up to 5 days if there’s lemon inside or 3 days otherwise) and customize your cashew cream (my husband likes it with vanilla and maple syrup on a bowl of berries)
As a snack (or breakfast); it’s perfect on a chestnut cracker with veggies- It’s to die for in a wrap! I use a nori sheet or a large romaine leaf (stuffed with avocado, salad, sprouts), this cream is a wonderful protein packed spread.
You’ll fall in love (but you’ve been warned)!
ENJOY ( and lick the blender clean)
Peace, love,
and cashew cream
PS: If you try it, let me know :-)

Happy Monday!


Seek truth and beauty together; you will never find them apart ~ Pythagoras


The nectar of immortality

A journey to the Kunbh Mela

A good watch for a Sunday evening!

Hari OM



Sometimes Angels By Jeffrey Cohen Rama

Sometimes Angels take their life to put their children on a Spiritual path

Excerpt from the lyrics of the song « Sometimes Angels »

Dear readers,

I met Jeffrey Rama Cohen for the first time at the Jivamukti Tribe Gathering in London, in 2010. It was then that I totally fell in mad love with the jivamukti yoga method.




Jeffrey-ji taught a wonderful class. He told us the story of a mythical phoenix and we closed in circle, in a powerful forgiveness ritual. There were tears and sweat. Laughter and joy. There was music. It was magical and mystical.



Ever since then, every year, I’ve had the good fortune to take classes with Jeffrey-ji; either when he tours Europe or at a Jivamukti Tribe Gathering or more recently at the Wild Woodstock Ashram. Jeffrey-ji is a truly rare human being… and now that I know more about him, through « sometimes angels », I am at loss with words. …But, unlike Joanna, I’ve never attended his signature rock’asana class!

This is what his website says about « Sometimes Angels » :

At age 12, Jeffrey Rama’s mother committed suicide. Before her passing, they shared an indelible bond that was filled with music, mysticism, complexity, but mostly love. “Every time I pick up a guitar I still feel like I am playing for her.”

And play guitar he did. Cutting his teeth in the 1990’s NYC East Village punk scene, rama went by a different moniker, coco, with the well-known band Clowns For Progress, making albums and getting to tour, playing every s@#t hole in America. During this time he began practicing yoga at fabled Jivamukti Yoga on 2nd Avenue.

Subsequent break-downs later, rama found dharma in the practice of yoga and became a teacher of some note, opening two Jivamukti Yoga Schools in Charleston, SC with his wife Andrea Boyd.

The rocker heart never sleeps as The Jais were formed featuring rama, churning out their own brand of rocking kirtan (call and response chanting), releasing the album, “Blow Horn”.

“Sometimes Angels” marks the first single release of a collection of songs to be released in late summer 2014. It is the album he was destined to make, drawing together the teachings of yoga and spirituality with the drive and fervor of timeless rock n’ roll.

As the venerable Swami Satchindanda has said, “with sound, we can make—and at the same time, break”. With this single, rama reached out and ask other suicide survivors if they would like to share a photo of them holding a picture of the one(s) they lost. The response was overwhelming and the video features of over 40 suicide survivors. The Sometimes Angels Project will continue to allow more suicide survivors to share their story of resilience and promise. A documentary is in the works.

Awe inspiring! 

OM love!


Our Next Workshop!

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